Return Policy

According to the sales contract you can return the cat only in case of genetic disease detected.
*Allergy to the cat is not a cause for return.
*If a kitten stops using a litter box it is not a cause for return. (But we allways can help to get him accustomed to the litter box)
IF SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE KITTEN - CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. IF YOU PANIC AND GO TO THE EMERGENCY VET HOSPITAL YOU MAY ASSUME ALL COSTS UNLESS OTHERWISE REQUIRED BY LAW. Sometimes we can provide a simple at home remedy, which can save you a cost of hundreds in vet bills. Early detection is important in preventing and avoiding situation from being very bad. Please be very careful with emergency vet hospitals, due to the fact that some of them are revenue driven corporations. Any expenses for health care in excess of two hundred ($200.00) dollars, requested of the Seller by the Buyer, within fourteen (14) business days following the sale of an animal, will be paid at the discretion of the Seller only upon prior approval from the Seller received by the Buyer via SMS or electronic mail. If the Buyer fails to comply with this aspect of the subject Agreement, the Buyer forfeits any rights the Buyer may otherwise have.